The More I Think About It

Have you ever had a conversation then later thought about what you should have said? I do it regularly because of my constant need to “say the right thing”. It also gives me time to analyze the conversation.

For example, he told me “I had a higher earning potential than he does because of my education. It’s a bad time for me to get a divorce.” Here are the facts.

I have an Associate’s Degree and am working on my Bachelor’s. An Associate’s will offer between $28-32,000 a year. He made over $50,000 last year. I did the taxes so I know exactly what he made. We are looking at minimum an $18,000 difference. And there’s more.

When I go to retire, I will have NO Social Security to fall back on. Why? I took care of kids. He didn’t stay home from work when they couldn’t go to school. And forget being able to go to daycare. Not only could I not pay for it, no one would take a sick child and no one would take on Amanda with all her health issues.  

There is also the “small” problem with my education. I only have an Associate’s. I do not have my Bachelor’s yet and I won’t have it if we don’t get divorced. Why? I have to count his income when getting assistance. So I have student loans not grants. The government limits the amount of student loans they guarantee. They will guarantee mine but not the last $7500. Do you think he’ll pay it? No! That means the student loans will be much larger and I won’t have the degree that would ensure I could pay it with a decent salary.

So, once again, he is trying to control everything. I think he wants me to walk away with nothing but my personal possessions. I suggest that all of you get your earplugs put in cause I think you will hear the explosion no matter where you live.

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Dazee Dreamer said...

Earplugs. check
Me getting on a plane to hurt him. check

Could you get grants if you were divorced?


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