I Am Ready to Explode

I don’t know where to start.  I have been going over in my mind what I’m going to say to him about the divorce. I know how he thinks and he expects us to do everything the way he wants it done. Well he isn’t going to like it.

If he expects me to walk away with nothing, then he will have to do the same thing as me. We will just sell everything, pay off debts, and if anything’s left over, we will both walk away with nothing but debt.

I can’t stand to hear him speak, look at him, or have him walk through the door. Yeah, I’m not being very nice, but I can’t be considered a quitter either. I’ve done 28  years with someone who thinks I’m less than he is.


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Dazee Dreamer said...

Bad night? You are definitely not a quitter. You have lived longer than necessary with him, having him treat you like a piece of dog shit all the time. I'm very proud that you are standing up for your rights with him.

Always remember, I'm there on your shoulder. He should be very scared of me. You piss me off to the point of no return, it's not pretty.


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