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I have a little bit of a problem with people friending me on Facebook. The reason you ask? Because some of them found me through others. Which means they don’t know me from Adam.

Yes, there’s a point to this. I had friend request from someone who looked vaguely familiar to me but I wasn’t sure. I kind of subscribe to the idea that I can always block them if they become weird. (Okay, so most of you who read this are weird. But so am I and that’s why I love you.) This request turned up something from my mother’s distant past.

When my parents divorced, we were pretty much ostracized. I was only 13 and since I’m almost 50, divorce in the Bible Belt was looked down on by almost everyone. Never mind that both my parents worked two jobs in order to keep us housed after they divorced and that we still attended church and we all stayed out of trouble. Narrow minded people I tell ya!

Well my mom made the mistake of dating a man that was separated but not completely divorced. Picture small town, righteous, and judgmental. They were the talk of the town! Well he had kids too. Yee haw!

Combine all that with his soon-to-be ex who just couldn’t stand the idea that my mom was seeing him and you have a recipe for disaster. She claimed that my mom broke up her marriage, even though they were almost divorced, and she enlisted her kids in the harassment. Yes, nice.

One of the girls asked to be my friend. I wasn’t sure who she was so I agreed. Then I talked to my mom. Come to find out she had been harassed by that girl. Then later that night, the girl caught me on Facebook and cornered me in the chat. OMG!!!

She started digging for information almost immediately. Yeah, that was fun. I didn’t tell her anything though. I was vague and suspicious of her motives. Well, what does she expect? She has to remember the past. Of course, I don’t remember her. What does that mean? And she isn’t the only one I’m considering unfriending. More on that later.

How do you deal with people like that? I’m still trying to decide if I want to keep the Facebook page or not. It’s almost more trouble than it’s worth.

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LL Cool Joe said...

And this is the reason I don't have Facebook, and have desire to ever have Facebook.


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